Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Emigration Permit!

Today I decided to start a blog for our future travel photos.  I was enjoying spending time with my dear friend Melanie, who was helping me while she cared for her one month old twin girls.  While we were working on our blogs together, I wanted to play a song for her that I was hoping to add to my adoption video. As I got my phone to play the song for her, I saw that I had received an email from Holt, our adoption agency, with the subject "EP submitted today, June 20th!"

The EP is the Emigration or Exit Permit.  Each family must have an Emigration Permit submitted.  Then the families wait about 4 weeks for it to be approved.  And after it is approved, the families begin to receive travel calls.  Unlike other countries, the travel calls are staggered so that the families do not all travel to Korea at the same time.  We are hoping to be one of the first families to receive a travel call so that we will have plenty of time to spend with Robert before school starts in the fall.

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