Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's Happening While We Wait...

Many people ask me why it takes so long now that the Emigration Permit has been submitted.  I'll try to explain what I know as best as I can!

First, the Emigration Permit has to be approved.  This normally takes 4 weeks, but we are in such a large group of families that we have been told it could take 5 weeks.  The Korean government reviews all of the paperwork for each of the families and approves them all at once.

Each child also needs a Visa Physical.  This can be done during the 4-5 week wait for EP approval or after.  We feel very lucky that our son already had his Visa Physical--even before his Emigration Permit was submitted!  This seems like a very good sign that they are getting him ready to travel.

The next step after EP approval is to apply for a Travel Certificate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  This could take 5-8 days.

After the Emigration Permit is approved, our agency also sends each child's packet of information, called the P3, to the U.S. Embassy.  This can take another 5-8 days for approval, and it leads to the final step of the process--the Visa Interview. For the Visa Interview, the foster mother must take the child to the U.S. Embassy in order for the child to be photographed and given a one-way visa to leave the country.  The Embassy only schedules a limited number of Visa Interviews each week.  I will be able to call to see if Robert's Visa Interview has been scheduled or has taken place.  Once I hear that it has been scheduled, I will know that the Travel Call is soon to follow!

And FINALLY, the Travel Call!  As soon as everything has been approved, our agency will call us with the date we will meet our son!  They only give about a week's notice, so we cannot book our flight or hotel until the last minute!

So, as you can see, we still have many prayer requests!  We know God's timing is perfect.  We know He is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.

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