Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Official....Almost!

This morning I called the U.S. Embassy in Washington, D.C. because I had heard that other families with our agency had just found out that their children were scheduled for the Visa Interview tomorrow.  I have already called the Embassy twice in the past 2 weeks, so I had low expectations, but still I was nervous.

When I called this time, I gave our case number and our son's name, but then I was asked for the petitioner's name (Rob), and after that I was asked who I was!  This was sounding very official!  I was then told that our son was scheduled for his Visa Interview tomorrow, July 17th!!!

I immediately called our agency, only to find out that the Holt Korea offices will be closed for 2 weeks so they can move to a new building.  There will be no travel calls until August!  I asked if we could have Little Rob escorted so that we could get him sooner, but they said that no babies will be escorted until August.

So we are hoping to get travel approval in July so we can book our flight and our hotel, but we know that we won't be able to have our Family Day until August.  Please pray for us to be PATIENT as we anticipate the phone call from our agency!  And please pray for a miracle that would allow us to travel in July!

Robert is ready to come home!!

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  1. Looking forward to more exciting news! I'm wishing and hoping, too.