Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 5

Sorry I'm a little behind with the updates. Yesterday was both wonderful and difficult. Our time with the foster mother was heartbreaking. She loves him so much. She has been a foster mother to many babies over the years, and our son is her last. We were surprised to find out that there never was a foster brother or father. She actually has two older daughters and a sister who helped her.  Robert loved his sister and clung to her for a long time until he was ready to play with Rob. The foster mother told us over and over again how smart Robert is. Her nicknames for him were "genius" and "doctor." She said he is calm and reserved and very clean. He will eat anything, and he eats a lot!! She told me his schedule, and he really has stuck to it today. She said he loves to go outside, ride in cars, and go in the stroller. She made me 3 picture albums of him with cute captions. It was obvious he was well loved by many family members including her mother who is over 90 years old. She said he was the superstar of the neighborhood. We have found everything she told us to be true. We call him the little prince because he has a way of getting you to dote on him. (Yes, he even came with a fan so when he's hot, someone can fan him!)

Here are some things I've learned about him in the past two days:

He looooves to eat! He especially loves snacks. He fills his mouth up like a chipmunk.
He does not like to take baths. At.all.
He loves electronics and figures out how to use them quickly.  My iPad has a film of crackers all over it. He knows how to turn on an iPhone and then swipe it to get to the main screen.
He loves Rob.  Rob can make him laugh like no other.
When you take his picture, he does a one-finger peace sign, kind of like a number one sign, next to his mouth. He likes to see the picture after you've taken it.

That's all for now. We are all getting up from naps. We are going out to dinner and then we have a photo shoot with our photographer, Greg Samborski.  If you are coming to Korea for an adoption, you have got to let me tell you about him.  He's super awesome! www.gregsamborski.com


  1. Julie he is so handsome!!! I have been praying a lot for his foster family. It must be hard letting a child go after raising him for two years--how blessed they are to be handing him over to the two of you! It sounds like he is adjusting well to his transition. Can't wait to hear more when you guys return!!! Love you!!! Theresa

  2. Adorable little guy! Thanks for sharing all the details and so glad his foster mom gave you so many pictures. We all can't wait to meet your smart little Prince Robert! Praying your plane ride home is a wonderful bonding time for all of you!

  3. He is adorable, and so big! He has changed a lot since the last picture I saw of him. We will be praying for the transition for "Prince Robert", his foster mom, and you guys. Rob looks so happy holding little Rob! Can't wait to meet him!

    Judy and David

  4. Robert is such a cute little munchkin! What a joyous occasion for your whole family! I'll pray for his foster mother and for a smooth transition for you and your family on this wonderful, miraculous creation of a new family.

  5. Totally thrilled you and your precious son will soon be home, if not already! He's absolutely adorable--love all the photos! Wishing your beautiful family of three the best!

  6. Hi Julie,

    My name is Holly and I recently stumbled onto your blog. We are adopting a little boy from Korea and it sounds like we had the same EP approval date! Our VI was yesterday so we are hoping a travel call isn't too far away. I know you haven't been home long and I'm sure you are busy, but would you have to time to answer a few questions for me over email? Both about traveling to Korea and the photographer you used?


    1. Hi Holly,

      I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I tried email but it didn't work! PLEASE contact me any time at julieandrobj@yahoo.com You are SOOO close to your travel call, and I know what a hectic time that is! Congratulations on your VI!!